Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, there are many things I'd like to post about but I don't have the energy. Because I'm so tired/hurting/nauseated Daniel is keeping me resting - so not much time to update. Anyway, here is what we were told at my last OB appointment this week:

-I lost 4 pounds in one week. Partly due to my bladder infection clearing up so I lost some water weight I was retaining but I know I've eaten less lately too. Who wants to eat when they have a bladder infection (and now a stomach bug!)??

- My blood pressure dropped back down to the healthy range. Last week it was VERY close to that preeclampsia line (google it if you don't know) which was scary.

- Bladder infection is relatively cleared up. I have to continue my antibiotics, which don't help my stomach with this bug.

-FINALLY - (may be TMI for you!)  - she said my cervix has softened and she could really feel Abigail's head pushing downward. Also, I was dilated 1/2 centimeter - 1 centimeter. That is better than 0 so I will take it. 

She said she really didn't think there'd be a baby in the next two days (this was Tuesday morning) but after that all bets were off. Daniel has taken that to mean she MUST be coming in the next few days and has a laundry list of chores he wants to get done. I sort of just direct them I guess. I know I haven't actively participated in them.

I have that finally nesting urge, but honestly feel to crappy to go for it. Instead, I am there on the sofa propped up on pillows and a heating pad stressing out. I'm definitely start to feel a ton of anxiety and stress and worry (etc etc) and am having trouble processing this. It's not stress about the baby or caring for her. It's just nonsense stress. The doctors told me this might happen, given my history in pregnancy and life with anxiety and I plan to call them in the morning and discuss going ahead and getting all set for a possible increase in my anxiety medication dose before Abigail arrives. I don't want to have major problems with post-partum since I've had them once, and now sort of again, pre-paturm! (Also, if I go in to see the doctor again this week, maybe we will find out I'm even more dilated!)

Anyway, I know the whole family is hoping Abigail will arrive soon and I won't lie - going into labor this weekend, even if we aren't at 40 weeks, is FINE BY ME!

But when I do go into labor, I will make sure we get one more belly picture, and make a quick note on here so you all know. 


katie said...

Just think...little Abigail is probably up there now saying all of her good-bye's in preparation for coming down here to be with you all. This is all just too cool. Let us know if you need anything! Grandaddy!

JamesnMeagan said...

'm so excited for you guys. She will be here in no tim. You will be such great parents!

Anonymous said...

We're pacing the floor out here in Nevada! Every time the phone rings, it's a race to answer it! And, at our takes a bit to get there! Can't wait...We're with you in spirit!
Lot's of love from our home to your's

GreatGrandparents to be!
Marlin and Carol

Rogue Woman said...

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, I ran across your blog and love all the prego postings. Good luck!