Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update for everyone - with more details about what we've been up to to come probably later this weekend.

Baby Abigail has dropped lower (it's now pretty obvious when you look at my bump and definitely when you feel it) and is head down. So, that's the first step towards labor. I'm definitely experiencing significant pain and sitting up is now quite painful as well as just moving in general. The virus Daniel and I have had is still hanging on for me so when I see the OB this coming Tuesday I'm sure she'll have some ideas about how to help me feel better on that front. I know Daniel and I both with I could sleep's to the point where I'm so short on sleep I truly cannot function at times. I told him that I'd be grateful for 5 hours straight at this point. I know there's that whole "well it's just getting you ready" and I hear ya'll on that but it's not helpful to hear right now. Plus, at least once Abigail is here, when we can't sleep we will have a beautiful little one to look at and spend time with.

Now, done with the complaining - this pregnancy has helped remind me:

I am grateful to have an amazing husband to help me at home, great family to help support us both, and a wonderful job, where they are being understanding about my inability to know from day to day how I will be able to function. I have definitely realized how much I am blessed - it's beyond belief and I'm so grateful. Daniel and I are both grateful!!

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Tabb and Michelle said...

Robin and Daniel,
Each day I think about you and your sweet baby girl. I'm praying that these next few weeks will go by quickly and Abigail will be in your arms. Can't wait to hold my Granddaughter for the first time.

Hang in there. good to Mommy!! Or at least try not to stretch too much.