Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to Normal?

In just a few days I return to full time work. It's been about 12 weeks since I was able to work - 4 weeks at the end of my pregnancy when I was so sick and just physically unable to move and 8 weeks recovery from C-section. It's been difficult financially to be out of work so long, but with wise planning and helpful family members (meals, dinners over at their homes, extra $20s here and there, etc.) we've made it and honestly, never been happier. Daniel and I both agree we are happier when cash is tight. Not TOO tight, but we both have tendencies to want things we don't need and make rash purchases when we have some extra cash. When we value the activity or item we are spending money on, it's more enjoyable.

Anyway, I was looking at Abigail's schedule for when I go back to work and it currently looks something like this:

4 or 5 am - eat
515-730 - sleep
730-745 - eat
730-930 - sleep
930-945 - eat
945-11 - awake/small snooze maybe/play
11- 1130 - eat
1130-1ish - sleep
1-120 - eat
120-330 - awake/play
330-345 - eat
345-430 - short nap
430-6 - play
6-620 - eat
620-8pm - nap
8-midnight - erratic eating schedule, small dozes abt 15 mins long, bath and night time routine mixed in there TRYING to get her to sleep
midnight - 4 or 5 am - sleep (occasional feeding in that time frame)

We clearly have the most insane, non-restful schedule right now!! Sometimes we'll have two days of a much more enjoyable schedule ( for us at least) and then she's right back to the insanity you see above. Thankfully, she's stopped being up until 3 or 4 am every night. We'd been missing her "I'm tired" signals and poor thing was overtired, thus not sleeping. Anyway, is the schedule you see above at all normal for an almost 2 month old baby?? I need to know to alleviate my worries that somehow my child is abnormal! I don't even know how this schedule is going to work and/or change once I'm back at work but...maybe things will get more steady!


Shannon said...


That schedule sounds totally normal to me for her age. In fact it looks a lot like Caroline's schedule at that age. What I've realized over the past year as a first time mother is that all babies are so different. What's typical for one may not be for another. It drove me a little crazy at first because I wanted her to have this awesome predictable schedule all the time. Then I realized that the words "baby" and "predictable" don't go together:) Every time I thought I had her on a great routine, she'd mix it up on me and it was back to square one. I promise you that it does get better though, and she'll fall into more of a pattern the older she gets. I hope all goes well with you going back to work soon. I also hope that your little cutie will sleep more for you! You're an awesome mom, and she is so lucky to have you:)

Dan and Amanda said...

I agree with Shannon. It is hard to say because all babies are so different but, typically 2 months old that are breast fed don't sleep through the night as quickly as formula fed babies. Julia was sleeping 4 to 6 hours streches at 2 months and started sleeping through the night around 3 or 4 months. She will get there but the biggest thing is when she wakes up at night DONT PLAY WITH HER. I know Dan and I thought, "Oh Julia is wide awake-- let's play with her... "but, our Dr. redirected us and said that it was okay to fed her and lay her down or snuggle her. Play with her during the day so she wants to stay up, snuggle her at night. Start a night time routine too! Babies strive off of routines and they really need them. That's just my opinion -- it worked for us but, that doesn't mean it will work for anyone else in the world. Good luck.

Daniel and Robin said...

thanks to both of you guys...sometimes i have trouble just "going with the flow." anyway, i'm back at work and things seem fine so far. i'm exhausted but that's my life for the next 18-20 years or so! :)