Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look At Me!!

Mom and Dad are so proud of me...they can't stop making blog postings and sending out emails of my pictures! Anyway, now that I'm 9 1/2 weeks old, I thought it was time for me to let you all know what I can do!! I can:

- I can hold my head up when Mommy or Daddy holds me on their chest or shoulder

- I can smile at Mom and Dad...and copy their smiles!

- I can make sounds like "gaa." Daddy even swears he heard me say "Neon" one night when he was changing my diaper - he says I'm a genius!!

- I play the tongue game - when Daddy sticks his tongue out at me I copy him...but I'm always sure to put my tongue back in my mouth fast when Daddy tries to pinch it!

- I let Mommy sleep for 5 hours between feedings at night...most of the time. Sometimes I still get a little hungry in the middle of the night, but not so much.

- I still hate tummy time, but now that Dad and Mom do tummy time with me, it's a little more fun.

- I love to dance!! Daddy turns on music, like Aretha Franklin or Jay-Z (don't tell Mommy!) and I kick my legs and move my arms all over! It's fun to watch Mom and Dad dance and sing to the music too!

- I can roll on my side from my back...I like to do this on the sofa or in Mom and Dad's bed where it's soft though, so they have to watch me really closely to make sure I'm safe!

- I love it when Mommy bounces me to sleep. She says the books tell her she shouldn't let me fall asleep in arms, but I love the cuddles...and I think Mommy does too!

- I like people! I like to be where the action is and let lots of people hold me - Dad is so proud I don't fuss or cry when other people love on me.

- I sleep like Daddy - nothing can wake me up til I'm good and ready to be awake. But I fight sleep like Mommy does. There is too much going on and I don't want to miss anything!

- Most of all, I love my Daddy and Mommy! Daddy takes care of me all day and gives me lots of bottles of Mommy's milk. He shows me how things work and tells me what we use them for. Mommy comes home and feeds me even more and gives me lots of cuddles! They both read to me a lot, and my favorite book right now is Peek-a-boo Kisses because there are fuzzy things to touch in the book and the mouse squeaks for me!!!

That's about it for now...I think I'm getting hungry and need to tell Dad I want a bottle of "Mom Milk!!" (Don't worry, I know you want to see a picture of me so I posted one below...sorry about the drool though! I can't help it!)

Abigail Daisy

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