Thursday, May 20, 2010

Night #2

So, here is the report on night #2:

730ish - she ate some...not a ton then playtime

815 pm- bath, bedtime story time, loves/cuddles and she was dozing off

845 pm - rocked her to sleep, placed her in crib, left

905 pm - crying/soothing cycle in 5-10 min increments begins

950 pm - Daniel and I looked at each other at the same time and said "This isn't quite the right plan for us." I went up and got her, brought her down and put her to sleep in her bouncy seat in the kitchen (a room away) and she slept like a rock

11 pm - She woke up and made the beginings of "I'm hungry" noises. Fed Abigail a big meal, cuddled and loved her, fell asleep on the sofa with her in my arms (my bad...I was exhausted and just fell asleep...she is such a cuddle monster though, it's relaxing!!)

1145 pm - Daniel took us upstairs, we put her in her bouncy seat in our room but across the room from us and turned on classical music to tune out any grunts, wiggles, etc. Abs stayed asleep (and look adorable)

430 am - Abigail woke up to eat, fed her and we were all back asleep by 5 am

9 ish...Abigail woke up, she and Daniel went downstairs to eat and began her daytime stuff.

I'd like to point out a few things:

1) The biggest - you'll notice she slept from around 1145 until 430...that's about 5 hours straight. I like that!!

2) We kept bedtime routine (reading, cuddles, etc.) and the time for bed the same as last night and got the same result - her sleeping for about 20 mins before fussing

3) I also got a call last night from an old friend and she reminded me to do what is best for us, to remember that every child is different, and above all, that I'm a good mother. This prompted me to really consider what worked for us two nights in a row - the bedtime routine. Once she was asleep, she basically stayed asleep as long as she wasn't in the crib. So, we decided to gradually move her from our room and do something to tune out her sleep noises til then. Hence, moving her across the room and putting on classical music. After a few nights of that I am going to put her crib in the hallway right outside our door and try putting her in there...we will see what happens!

4) I have learned that while I might not be fully comfortable with Abigail crying it out for an hour, like the past two nights, there is definitely something to these CIO-type sleep methods and also learned that she can cry for a few minutes and be ok. If I'm finishing up dinner or folding laundry I don't have to stop the second she starts crying and run to her...she can wait a minute or two (unless an emergency of course!).

I'm going to continue to update and let ya'll know how the sleep is going. I appreciate all of the tips and advice and welcome more. I am grateful for all of you who have reminded me that we are good parents and that we will find and know the best method for putting Abby to sleep at night...I really believe this plan has taught me so much already in just two days and I've learned a lot about my daughter's needs and how to move forward with sleeping.

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JamesnMeagan said...

Yay! So glad she slept better last night! I totally agree that there's a ton of advice out there and you guys definitely just have to find out which ones you like and work for you and make you guys happy.