Friday, May 21, 2010

Night #3

A complete wash - started the bedtime routine and she barely made it through that before breaking out in sobs. Then, we realized we needed to run to the store for a couple things so we threw her in her carseat thinking the drive would get her to sleep (usually does).

Car ride was quite quiet so we thought we'd achieved our goal.

Back home we pulled little Abby out of the car and saw her sitting there, wide-eyed (see picture below - same expression, different outfit, day, etc.) and kicked her feet happily.

We figured at least she was happy and by the time we got settled it was almost time to do her 1030-11pm meal (time always varies slightly) so we just let her continue to kick, just moved her to the bouncy seat. She then fell asleep with me on the sofa, Daniel moved us upstairs at 1145 and she fussed so much he took her back downstairs so I could rest for work. (Insert lots of not-so-nice comments back and forth between us around this time...just frustration I suppose!) 230, she ate and went to sleep pretty well and was back up for her 5 am meal and schedule proceeded as normal since then.

I think her heat rash (around her tummy)  may have been bothering her. We'll try again tonight.

Man, I love that sweet little thing!!

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