Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Odds & Ends - June Edition

1) The curls mentioned a few posts ago were not a success. I think I wasn't giving them my all so maybe later this weekend or next week I'll go for it. When it's 99 degrees with a heat index of over 105, you don't really feel like being near a flat iron, let alone a blow dryer so it's been out-of-the-shower ponytails for me!

2) We got an exciting call yesterday that Daniel is a potential match for a person in need of a bone marrow transplant. He immediately returned the call and verified that this is, in fact, real and not some scam. He is so excited he could help someone out and I'm so proud of the wonderful and brave example he is already setting for Abigail. More updates on that as they roll in.

3) Abigail is cracking us up lately. She babbles all the time, sleeps through the night at least 6 (sometimes 8) hours straight about 5 out of 7 nights a week, and is now trying to pull herself up into sitting positions. It's so hilarious to watch her face turn all red and see her strain to get it! She can also turn over from her tummy to her back and is very responsive to our faces and voices. Abigail LOVES her new tummy time mat (a steal on clearance at $13!!!) and we loved the price!!

4) Daniel is heading to Boy Scout camp to be a leader this coming Saturday. He returns Tuesday evening, late. So, it's just me and Abigail for a few days. Since her routine is so much more predictable than it used to be, I plan to rearrange the living room and hardcore clean the downstairs. Upstairs can kiss it -- meaning wait for another time! After all, I want to spend plenty of time with my sweet angel and teach her all kinds of TRICKS to play on Daddy!!

5) Last weekend I had my first ever clogged milk ductS. Yes, plural! Daniel and I tried to follow his mom's advice but he couldn't take pushing and massaging on the ducts because it was causing me so much pain. SO, on Father's Day, we packed it up and headed to his parents' home. Thankfully, I have no modesty left after giving birth (didn't have much left before that!!) and was completely comfortable letting my mother in law apply warm compresses and massage the clogs out. What a blessing she wasn't uncomfortable either!!

6) Abigail is 3 1/2 months old. That blows my mind.

7) Father's Day was a few days ago - we got Daniel a photo album of him and Abigail (being sent in the mail as we speak!), a new fishing pole (did that a bit earlier than Father's Day), and Krispe Kreme donuts for breakfast! Then, we all three piled back in bed and snuggled and he said, "This is perfect, just me and my girls." It was heaven. Was sad I couldn't see my Dad in person but talked to him several times that day!!

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