Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Abigal got new toys from Aunt Cat this past weekend. She also loves to play with all of her toy ducks (we're obsessed). Unfortunately, I'm still sick and couldn't make it into work (although I did give it an effort) - I've got the worst headache that comes and goes (mostly comes and stays) so I'm taking this tiny break in the "less of a headache window" to post these pictures from a few days ago.

With Daddy's duck

Close up of our sweet angel
Two ducks (she has four) and Aunt Cat's toy


So big -- look at that baby booty!

Really playing with the "Try Angle"

I've never felt so blessed in my life - Abigail makes everything better. Even though we are both really sick, she still manages to put smiles on our faces and cheer us up.

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