Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Reality

Although Abs is almost 5 months old, things still pop up that cause us to realize that life with a child is just so much different than life without a child!

Las week I wasn't feeling well at all and spoke over the phone with my doctor - was told I probably had a sinus infection, to take an antibiotic, and move on. After working last week, and then doing pretty much nothing but rest all weekend I was still feeling REALLY bad Monday morning. I hightailed it to the doctor (chose a quick clinic because line at my doctor's office could take hours!!) and learned I was sicker than I thought - sinus infection, ear infection, and bronchitis. Fabulous.

Was given codeine cough syrup, more antibiotics, and an inhaler and also told to take mucinex. Oh. And told I couldn't go to work until Wednesday of this week (only then on th condition I haven't gotten worse and feel better). Great. Just what I need after being on a long maternity leave. (tons of sarcasm here).

I was actually planning to go in Tuesday anyway but realized very quickly that wasn't going to work as I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow my sinuses were so clogged.

So, normally, I'd just sleep all day and rest but now that we have Abigail, even though I'm sick, we still have to get up with her at 7 am and nap when she naps. Thankfully, Daniel sent me upstairs to nap and I seriously slept for 4 hours. Normally, no problem. But, because I did get a nap, then Daniel, who only has the sinus infection (but still feels lousy obviously) was worn down from taking over duties for two. I tell ya - it's so new and different doing everything with a baby, especially being sick!

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Abigail more than anything...but becuase it's only been 4 1/2 months, we are still learning ALL the things that are different when you have kids (or just one in our case!).

*Thankfully, we've kept out hands so clean and not been kissing her to much so Abigail is NOT sick and still happy as a clam.*

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