Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Weeks

In two weeks, we will be on a mini-vacation to the NC mountains to see a dear friend get married. These are the photos I keep looking at to make it through the time until then:

We will stay here:

In this exact room:
And introduce our sweet girl to these fun things:

(Linville Caverns - haven't been in a while and very excited to go back!!)
(Moses Cone Manor - also haven't been there in a while and can't wait to take Abigail on a walk on the trails around the home)

We are so looking forward to this trip - it'll make us tight for the month of August, but when is our budget not tight? A little getaway to see good friends and some gorgeous sites is what we both need!! Wish us luck while we travel with a 5-month-old!

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Ashley said...

I think it's easier to travel with a 5 month old than a 15 month old...especially when you are nursing! We took Max to Yellowstone and Utah when he was three months, I took him on four different flights when Brandon was deployed, drove down to Utah when he was 10 months, and just got back from Utah/Yellowstone. It's not as easy as it was when it was the two of you, but you'll be okay.