Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Confession

This confession is sort of embarassing for me. Since I suffer from OCD, it should be obvious to all that I crave clean, orderly palces. And for years, that's exactly what my room (when I lived at home/in a dorm) and home (once I was married) was -- until about two years ago. Then, as I had some health problems and family drama...I got lazy. I got complacent. I was so busy both physically and emotionally, I just wanted to lay around and crash/relax when I got home and on weekends. SO, especially since late in my pregnancy and after Abigail was born, our home has just become gross.

Daniel will sometimes take the living room and pick it up. I will do the dishes and sweep the kitchen floor. We will do massive laundry days, fold the laundry then never put it away. In order to encourage myself, I will put on my facebook that I am cleaning (enter room here) then relaxing -- and I might clean halfway then stop. More than likely, I just play with my baby girl, and don't clean at all.

All this procrastinating and "taking a break" has really caused me to be embarassed at the condition of my home. Daniel may not be. My family doesn't seem to mind when they come by. But I mind. It takes up this space in my mind that keeps me on edge and anxious. So, changes must be made.

First, I signed up for emails from She has a great cleaning/daily routine that you build up to in 31 days. I'm still reviewing her site and see that it is somewhat geared towards stay at home moms, which I am not. But I'm sure I can make PARTS of this work for me. Daniel may have to pitch in a bit more (he already does help) -- I may need to offer incentive for him -- but I want my clean house back. If that means I have to get up early on my Saturday mornings, I'm doing it. Since Church isn't until noon for us, I can handle waiting to sleep a little extra in the morning til then.

What drew me to flylady's site also was the fact that she focuses on cleaning in 15 minute increments (sometimes 30 - 45 minute chunks, all depending on your level - I'm a beginner - and your tasks) and she truly gives you a checklist and tells you exactly where to focus. Everyone knows I love lists.

****NOTE: (added after re-reading my post) I won't be doing all of flylady's stuff. Just taking some of the tips and such and adapting them to our lives! I will start implementing her first tip everyday though:

According to flylady, I need to start today by cleaning my kitchen sink til it's shiny. Obviously, if I want to shine my sink, I have to clean the dishes out of it - she's a clever lady! And each night, I need to make sure I go to bed with a shiny sink. I'm sure that occasionally I won't get to this task, but I'm going to do my best and for once, accept that my best is good enough.

I'm also considering taking some time this Saturday to do her "Crisis Cleaning" which will help me at least get things picked up enough so that I don't feel so jumbled inside about it!

I'm off -- wish me luck!

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Ana said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! My mom did the fly lady thing too. Best of luck to you! You should stop by my house unannounced one day... that will really make you realize that your house isn't bad at all. :)