Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love My Abi-Snails Because....

1)...she is SO CUTE when she first wakes up! Her eyes are still a little foggy and she takes a few minutes to give us that big grin we love...and she really likes to cuddle at those moments!

2)...her grin is to die for!! And she shares it so freely to anyone and everyone who pleases her in the least bit!

3)...she is incredibly aware of all of her surroundings. That is the number one comments people make when they meet/see Abigail. She takes every tiny thing in.

4)...she loves ALL the solid food she's tried so far. This includes peas, sweet potatoes, bananas (took a little time), apples, blueberries, rice, oatmeal, carrots, and pears!

5)...she responds to our nickname for her - "Snails." She turns her head, just like when we call out "Abigail!" Mom says one day she won't like this nickname...but for now, she's our little snails.

6)...she's a little butterball! Her torso is long and her legs are a little shorter and she's just as round and cute as a baby should be!

7)...she loves to play. Whether it's razzing her lips after I put food in her mouth, so food flies everywhere, she's in her play pen having independent play/tummy time, or singing songs with us, Abigail goes all out in her play time and enjoys every second of it.

8)...she is the most peaceful, sweetest sleeper! The other night, I peeked in to check on her and she was on her tummy, hands tucked under one cheek with her head to the side, and her baby butt up in the air. Adorable!

9)...she hates getting dressed. Abigail absolutely hates clothes being pulled over her head either to get dressed or undressed and always makes the meanest faces when we change her.

10)...she loves baths...and enjoys the shower even more! We gave her a shower the other night and she laughed and smiled the entire time!!

11)...she makes me feel fulfilled and loves me unconditionally. Enough said!

There are a million more reasons why I love our girl, but I just felt like I wanted to post a few for now!!

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