Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm 5 Months Old!!

Well...almost! Tomorrow, I'll be 5 months old. To celebrate, Mom let me, Abigail Daisy, back on the blog to give ya'll some updates! Here are my stats:

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz
Head Circumference: 16 inches

I'm in the 75th percentile in everything! Which means, of course, that I'm perfect!! Here's what I like to do now that I'm getting bigger (I told Daddy I wouldn't grow anymore, but I just can't help it!):

I like to:
-Play on my tummy mat with the mirror, my duckies, and my other toys
-I love love LOVE to listen to music and dance (Mommy or Daddy usually help me a little!)
-I try my hardest to sit up on my own and I'm almost there! Sometimes I still tip over like an egg but I just laugh because it's pretty funny!
-I take regular naps now and have just started sleeping a lot more at night for Mommy and Daddy. She bought some new book and has all these new rules...sometimes I can convince Daddy to break them! But, I DO feel better if I take my naps during the day!!
-I laugh when my legs get tickled!
-I try my hardest to talk to my parents and make lots of great sounds but Mom and Dad just can't understand them.
-I recently started to eat real foods, like rice cereal (ewww), oatmeal (my favorite), bananas (too sweet!), peas (YUUMMM - but they make me have some unlady-like bodily functions!), and just tried apples last night!!
- I like to play in my high chair and usually hide all the toys they give me to play with beside my legs just so I get another one!!
-I'm a happy baby and love to snuggle and visit Mommy's office. Everyone there holds me and tells me I'm cute, which is SO TRUE!

That's about it for's a picture for you!

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