Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kitchen Confessions

A friend of mine made a blog posting where she made confessions about the kitchen -- I realized I also have a lot of this to here ya go! My 10 kitchen confessions:

1) I rotate about 7-10 recipes for Daniel. I'm not very adventurous with food as I see it to be pointless to go out and buy special ingredients for ONE dish. I'd rather buy an ingredient and use it three different times in one week.

2) I only cook a real mean about two - three times a week. Otherwise, we are eating leftovers, sandwiches, or cereal/breakfast food.

3) Speaking of sandwiches, they are Daniel's favorite food so I can make a sandwich out of ANYTHING!! And I do mean anything.

4) I'm addicted to Basil - fresh or dried - and put some in almost everything I make.

5) I'm scared of what will happen when Abigail starts eating actual meals with us...I worry I won't give her what she needs!

6) I should do dishes more often than I do. I HATE dishes and usually wait til I have at least a load of dishes for the dishwasher before I really wash them. I pre-rinse them and leave them in the sink until that point. Gross, I know.

7) I love placemats and table centerpieces but can't use them because our cats run across our table as part of their daily run/track.

8) I came up with the idea of chicken lasagna roll ups and was devastated to learn that Olive Garden had stolen my idea!! BUT, am proud to say, mine are better than Olive Garden's!

9) I rarely serve just chicken breast, because I always cook it too long - I'm not sure how long chicken should be cooked, so I always err on the side of caution and overcook! That's why so many of my recipes involve cooked, then shredded chicken breasts + casseroles/pasta & sauce...hides the dryness!

10) I wish I could bake. But, I can't. I prefer to cook just throwing in "a handful of this" and "a smidge of this." Baking is not conducive to that way of cooking!!

There you have it! 10 of the MANY kitchen confessions I have! What are yours??

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Ashley said...

You should get the America's Test Kitchen cookbook! It changed my life. It has a very impressive range of recipes and they're almost impossible to mess up. I was stuck in a huge cooking rut until I bought it. The baking one is awesome too.