Friday, August 20, 2010

The Return...

***This post is full-on ranting and nothing more***

FYI regarding my last post- I did NOT clean my sink til it was shiny last night. I didn't feel like it. So there, flylady. I DID do a couple loads of laundry, struggled to get my child to actually sleep much at all last night, and enjoyed [sarcasm] the return of a monthly visitor I hadn't seen in 15 months.

Yes, you read it right. I'm not even sorry if it's too much TMI. Last night, after putting Abigail down for a second time last night I discovered I'd started my period. After 15 months of not having one, I was really used to it and thoroughly enjoyed the lack of said visitor. I know Daniel did as well - at least the inintended, but unaviodable verbal beating he got for a few days as a result of my guest's stay.

I went downstairs to find "supplies" and bumped into Daniel preparing a bottle in advance for the middle of the night. "I just started my period," I grumbled.

"Really? Congratulations!" I kid you not, he sounded ecstatic when he said that. I mean, absolutely thrilled.

I just stared at him and then growled, "Why are you congratulating me? I'm not a 12 year old girl here! I hate this thing! And I THOUGHT you hated it too! But WHATEVER! Congratulations to me!" Then, I stalked off into the bathroom.

About thirty seconds later he poked his head in and said, "You know, this could explain a few things."

Yes. He. Said. It. !!!!!!!!

Apparently, I've been mean to him the past few days??


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