Sunday, September 5, 2010


Happy birthday to our sweet Abigail Daisy!! She is 6 months today!!! (For real this time for those who keep up with my Facebook!) Abigail, you have been the biggest blessing in our lives - every day is so much brighter and happier no that you've joined our family!! Thank you for choosing us as your parents!

**Photos are: (top) me with Abigail around 1month old, (second) at two months with Daddy, (left) three days old!, (right) at Nana's with Mommy, (bottom) 5 months, 3 weeks with her first taste of cream cheese!

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Tabb and Michelle said...

She's such a sweet baby! I love how she flaps her arms like a duck when she's excited or mad. She looks so much like her mommy and grew her cute!!!