Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Variety

There is a variety of things I'd love to discuss on our blog, but dont' have the energy or motivation to do so, so I'm doing that typical list of brief updates. Here ya go:

  1. Abigail has now said, "mama," "dada," and "baba." She frequently yells, yes YELLS, "mamamamaMAMAMAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMAmamama" when frustrated or very hungry. It's cute...most of the time.
  2. Daniel is in school and doing great. He opted to take only online classes this semester. But, he IS taking a full load and goes out of the house (or puts on sound blocking headphones) to study multiple times per week. At this point, he has all As (yes, earned, not like in some classes where you start with an A, hahahah!) and mostly enjoys his Excel class and his Security class. He's not a fan of his business class (yet), nor his Database class (he says the database they are using is crappy). I'm honestly really proud of him!!
  3. I am eagerly awaiting a new admission cycle at work. Til then, it's a little slow, but a nice change of pace before the madness begins! I've also had a bad sinus infection with a gross cough. Passed a bit of a stuffy nose to Abigail but she's doing great with it for the most part!
  4. Abigail is now sleeping through the night - 11 hours each night. It's wonderful to have time with my husband back. We even had a date night at home Sunday evening where we had popcorn and watched Friday the 13th, the 3rd one, in 3-D with our 3-D glasses on. Lame to you, sweet to us.
  5. Daniel has learned the secret of cuddling - I once again explained to him that "cuddling with intent" (you know the intent I mean!!) is different than "just cuddling" and if he'd do more "just cuddling" it could turn into "cuddling with intent" very quickly. Ok, maybe he didn't understand - but after 3 hours of discussing it (or fussing about it really!) he has at least been reminded. **This was really a humorous conversation I'm sure all of you ladies have had with your significant other. It came right out of a TV sitcom, I swear!**
  6. I have decided to take a class this Spring. It is no fun watching Daniel do homework and just sitting there watching. I LOVE school work, freak that I am, and want to take a class of my own!
That's it for now on the updates!!

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