Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Loves....

As I've been pretty open on my blog, anyone who's read for a few months at least will know that I suffer from anxiety, occasional bouts of depression (especially during/after pregnancy!!), and OCD. This means a lot of stress in my body sometimes!

As we are starting the busy season at my office (Oct-April) I find myself already feeling stressed. To an extent, I need stress to thrive, but then it crosses into unhealthy amounts of stress (personally, I think I can shoulder more stress than the average person but I'm sure many would disagree!). Yesterday was the day from hell as far as errands, being busy at work, Dan having a midterm (I always try to be awake and around to be supportive), Abigail screaming before she went to sleep, etc. Looking back, it wasn't that bad. Honestly. But, it wore me out, leaving me a bit grouchier this morning.

Around 1230 today I realized I didn't want to be in a bad mood. I didn't want to be grouchy. I didn't want to let my anxieties and OCD ticks (list making mainly but there are a couple others!) get in the way of how happy I truly am. When I do that, I see a depression begin to creep in.

Instead, I just thought for a minute about the two amazing people I have waiting for me at home this afternoon - Daniel and Abigail. Daniel is so supportive and understanding of everything I say and do. Abigail is a ham and a half and cracks me up for hours every night. They are both so generous with their snuggles and smiles.

How blessed am I??

And now, bad mood instantly gone. I love my loves!! Thanks for always being there!!

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