Friday, October 8, 2010

So Sleepy!

Abigail has been doing great with her sleeping since her first two teeth finally came in. Until last night. Good grief that girl would not sleep.

By 11:30 pm she was still squirming, screeching, and generally fussing despite our multiple attempts to help her get to sleep. At 11:45 Daniel decided to take her for a stroll around our parking lot. He found that the bumps seemed to help relax her so he just ran her stroller back and forth over a bump in the parking lot. I guess she got to sleep around midnight??

Then, at 6 am she was up again, looking sleepy but wanting to play!

Daddy just texted and says she refuses to nap and just wants to play - I got this picture:

They both look exhausted. I know I look the same way! Poor sleepy family! Our family pictures tomorrow will probably look like this!

***We've finally realized that Abigail must be teething again - drool is endless, diapers are bad, and she is having trouble sleeping - excited to see which teeth she gets next!!***

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