Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving this year was very special! It's our first together as a family of three, with out sweet girl Abigail. We are so thankful for so much - here are a few things, in no particular order:

1) Abigail: need I say more? She was such a surprise and was just what we needed in our lives; Heavenly Father knows everything we need at just the right times and we had no idea how much we needed Abigail! We love her so much, she's such a sweet girl with such curiosity. I could go on and on...but won't right now!

2) Our trials this year: Daniel and I (and our families) have had a lot going on this year. If it wasn't one thing, it was another, but we've pulled together and come through everything stronger than ever. We've learned a lot about trusting in our abilities and intelligence, trusting in others, and trusting our faith. Through each trial Daniel and I have noticed how hard Satan worked to pull us apart and we've worked even harder to come out stronger on the other side of each trial! We've learned a lot about a lot!

3) My job: What can I say that everyone doesn't already know? The economy is crappy and having a job is such a blessing. And even better, I love my job!! I love my co-workers! 

4) Financial Empowerment: Over the past few years Daniel and I have racked up some debt - mainly medical bills and such. We've avoided looking at our credit reports as we just didn't want to look at the situation. We just wanted to avoid it altogether. Not smart but...that's life! However, due to almost being a victim of a scam a couple weeks ago (which I still need to blog about), I needed to pull our credit reports and I took some time to look over them. We don't have nearly the debt I thought we did; don't get me wrong, it's plenty, but not so much that we can't get out and get our credit scores higher in decent time. What a relief!! We now have a plan to pay off almost all of our debt by the end of next year - wow! I am so grateful that we now have that knowledge and feel so empowered!

Now, what you're all here for! A few Thanksgiving Day photos - plenty more to come later!!

4 Generations of Nutt Women (sorry it's a little dark!)

Abigail playing after our second meal at Grandma and Grandaddy's!!

Our sweet niece, Kylie Paige, getting loves from Grandma!

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