Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eating a donut....

and decided it was time to put up a quick posting while on my lunch break at work!!

Sickness has taken over the house - well, it had. Things are better now. I have been sick with bronchitis and migraines for a couple weeks. Abigail has had a runny nose and small cough (but still so pathetic when she coughs!!). Dan's knee has been acting up badly in the cold weather. I have a sprained knee. Such is life in an accident prone family with a young child!!

February is a month of doctor's appointments, other appointments, concerts, dates (we hope - we haven't had a real date since October and really need a night or two out), and just generally being busy with school and work and life.

Daniel is really enjoying school this semester, especially his math class. He's good at it and says the teacher is "unique" but Daniel and I are unique (i.e. weird) too so....they get along well.

Our car is acting very funny and although it runs is not driveable so it's going in the shop tomorrow and we are so blessed that a family friend is loaning us a car until ours is fixed (shouldn't be long!). That's one stress gone.

Daniel's cousin is in town and they are having a guys day this weekend which basically means snacks and video games and guys from all ends of the family and guy friends coming over. I'll be taking Abigail and leaving the house with my mom for a few hours! Hahahaha!

Abigail is learning new things everyday...including how to wake up and wake US up at 5 am when Mommy is REALLY sick and look so cute we can't be mad...see:

She is also fighting cuddles a little more now, as she wants to explore. Everyone will always say. "She's so busy," when they see her...but we caught her in an impromptu nap:

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