Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Updates

I'm trying to figure out a way to keep this from being too wordy or long but since I missed posting for Christmas, New Years and the holiday break in general, I'm going to put up a lot of pictures and type up words later!!

 At my aunt's Christmas party on 12/23...she was handled a LOT and was such a champ!!
 Christmas Eve morning in our new apartment...on our bed wrapped up like a present!
 Christmas Eve party again...opening a gift!! Daddy had fun with tissue paper obviously!
 Me and WallE on Christmas morning.
 Our little "monster mash" on the evening of 12/26...SNOW DAY!! Bundled up!
 12/26 ....a little sicky!!
 Bundled up to brave the snow!!
 Granny holding Abigail on Christmas morning!! Those NCSU chairs were a gift to excited!!
 Daniel putting together Abigail's gift from shoots balls in the air...she loves it and we love it!
 Exactly what he wanted!
 Worn out on Christmas morning and we hadn't even left the house yet!
Our sweet Christmas angel!! Couldn't she be a baby model with this shot??

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