Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolution Time

Ok - time to put up our resolutions for the new year. After all, if you write things down and tell others about your goals, isn't it supposed to be that much easier for them to hold you to stuff? We only have a few, so here goes:

1) continue to eat more meals at home This is saving us a lot of money that needs to go to basic bills. Since we've been doing this (since late October of last year), we've been juggling bills around a lot less. And we've both lost weight. Two for one!

2) pay off our two biggest debts we have two big debts that we want to get rid of this year. We will be using part of our tax return (thanks Abigail for being a tax credit!) to pay off one and then pay the other off through the year. In the big scheme of things, these aren't large debts at all...but once they are off our backs, we will feel a lot better.

3) *Daniel-specific* continue to work hard in school with graduation in sight, Daniel is ready to be done. He did well this past semester but wants to do even better this coming semester...I know he can do it!! I'll be chipping in a little more on weeknights to help this happen.

4) *Robin-specific* be a better employee I think I'm a pretty good employee as it is. I always get done by the deadline dates. I help others. I try to go out with my coworkers to eat once a month to be a bit more social. I work late (or come in early) and weekends when necessary without complaint. BUT, I could be better about time off. I tend to use my sick day each month and at least a couple hours of vacation time for abigail's appointments, family matters, etc. I can be better about this.

5) Couple scripture study Daniel and I usually did independent scripture study and weren't reliable about it. Since the holidays started and Daniel was called as the 16-17 SS teacher, we've been studying together which enhances the scriptures for both of us. It also brings us closer. We are still working on "everyday" but are dedicated to "doing our best with a baby under 1."

6) keep a cleaner house those of you who have met me know i like things neat and clean. however, I've learned there's more to life than a clean house. That doesn't me the house should be trashed. It's hard for me to find a fine line. This year Daniel is helping me to do so. Since we just moved - no excuses!!

Pictures of the new place coming soon, I promise! Just swamped this week

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