Sunday, February 13, 2011


A few pictures from Abigail's blessing at church today (a blessing is similar to dedicating a baby in some churches). We were lucky to have all of Dan's family at church for the occasion - and it's hard to get such a big group together, but well worth the wait because it made the blessing that much more special! I will add some more photos later, but am just adding the ones I've uploaded so far:

 Having a snack after her blessing.

 When we first got to church...the bow lasted about 5 minutes. but was adorable! And look at the smocking on her dress...I'm thinking about letting her wear it one more time...maybe for Easter because I love it so much!! I will get up close pics of the dress on here later!
 Family - all three of us tired! Church runs through Abigail's nap and we've all been sick the past two weeks so...we did the best we could!!
 When is my nap time, Daddy??
My favorite!! Her hair is getting blond now!!!

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