Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, we're coming up on Abigail's first birthday and it's quite clear to me that she's not going to stop growing! Daniel and I though if we wished hard enough that might happen - we were wrong.

And, because we're so obsessed with her, my blog has now become a "mommyblog." When I was first pregnant, I was horrified that my blog might only become about my, I wonder why the thought upset me to begin with!

After all, Abigail IS the main part of our life and our focus now. And since the blog is about our's going to contain a lot of "Abigail!" I DO wish I had more time to make postings about recipes, interior design, political feelings, spiritual items, etc....but in the big scheme of things I think my focus in this blog is right where it should be: my family. My family and how we care and love for each other leads me to goals in those other areas, even if I can't find time to put them on this blog. More important to me, my daughter can one day look and see that I loved her so much, that in the few minutes I found to blog once or twice a week, I chose to write about her.

**This is NOT a slam to those who can manage to crank out postings about more topics than I can...I admire you all!!**

So, in true "mommyblog" fashion, here are Abigail's most recent stats:

Weight: 20 lbs 1 oz - 50th percentile
Length: 28 1/4 inches - 50th percentile
Head circumference: 75th percentile

SO --- 100% perfect!!

Here are a couple photos to brighten your day:
 Abigail playing last night...she loves to reach for the camera AND show off those teeth!!

At dinner on Valentine's Day, Daniel took me to the Tap Room where we had our first date almost NINE years ago! Abigail came along of course and tried an orange. She'd bite a little, make this face, then go in for another bite, and make another face!!

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