Monday, March 7, 2011


The spread.
A shot of the gifts.
Yanking on Granny's necklace (One of Abigail's great-grandmothers)
Checking out some new bookies!!
Overwhelmed by the tissue paper!!
Note: She was quite delicate about eating her cake...the mark between her eyes was done by my brother, not her! She got to make a mess of the homemade cake (it looked bad to begin with!!) and then had a nibble of her kitty cat cupcake...we wrapped the rest up for another day!
"Mmmmm. Chocolate."
Playing with her blocks. Note her new doll (from her great- Grandma and great-Grandpa in NV) and her doggie (from Sylvia ("family" who knew me at this age). They have gone everywhere with her since she opened them. She randomly picks them up, hugs and kisses them, then goes back to playing.
Batteries recharged after a 3 1/2 hour sugar coma!!

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