Monday, March 7, 2011

The Day After Saturday....

Abigail was fussier on Sunday, the day after her party. Dan's knee was still swelling and hurting (another story, another post) and my cough/energy wasn't where it needed to be for work Monday so we took a day off from church and teaching our classes and stayed home so we could all recuperate. In the process, Abigail got to play with her cousin and was very excited about it...see:

But later last night, I was chasing her around (she loves to be chased while she crawls!!), she got tangled in her hands and feet and smashed her lip on our hard is the result:

Can you see her swollen upper lip? She had tons of blood coming out so I called Michelle....she helped me out with what to do. Abs was calmed down in about 10 minutes and today looks like she had a lip injection in her upper lip!!

It's hard to be one year old!!!

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Tabb and Michelle said...

I'm glad she's okay!! And that you're okay too!!