Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Abigail....


You’re now one year old and I search to find the words to express my feelings about this milestone. Where to begin? How to tell you  about each little step along the way and not leave something out? Not possible – instead I’ll tell you how we feel…the words don’t come as easily as you might think because in many ways, there are no words or phrases that can convey all of our emotions from the past year. 

You are such a free spirit, Abigail. Wherever we go, people comment on your huge smile and your bright blue eyes. You don’t shrink away from anyone and greet every face with a grin. You trust us completely, that much is clear. You feel confident and safe in our home and try so many new things each day because you know someone you love is there to scoop you up and “make it better” or praise you…whichever you may need. Sweet Abigail, you have so much of my Nana in you – those twinkly blue eyes remind me so much of her. What a blessing that we know she had a hand in; we know she gave you her spunk and spirit!

You are a daddy’s girl. You snuggle and play with him over anyone else. Daddy adores you; he loves when you fall asleep on his chest, even if you weight over 20 pounds now. You mirror your father’s expressions constantly. You both give me the same “exasperated” expressions, you sleep in the same positions, you both love to read books…you are truly his greatest blessing, Abigail. You can do no wrong in Daddy’s eyes and he even helps pick out every one of your outfits from the store. Not many little girls can say that about their fathers!

To me, you are a reader. A dreamer. A sweet sweet angel who has blessed my life in ways to numerous to count. A gift we didn’t know we needed so desperately. I was so scared we wouldn’t be enough for you, we wouldn’t know how to meet your needs. Yet it’s YOU who met OUR needs, Abigail. YOU who are enough for US. No words can ever describe the daily joy you bring to our lives. No sentence can explain our overwhelming love for you, our desire for you to be happy, to feel important, to be known, to learn….the list is never-ending. You could never disappoint us Abigail. We love you so very much. 

Abigail, you saved our lives. You make us strive to be better each day. You have brought so much love and joy to our lives, and so many other lives. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter and choosing US to be your parents…we are beyond blessed.

Mommy and Daddy

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