Thursday, March 24, 2011

Huggin the Outside....

I realized it's been a while since I made a  posting about Abigail's newest talents and "tricks" (as we call if our sweet girl is some sort of dog!). Here are some new developments from within the past month or so:

Ab's vocab has suddenly exploded. She can say the following correctly, meaning at the right time, with the correct intent:
-ki-ki (kitty kitty)
-ny-ny (night night)
-bah-bah (bye bye)
- uh oh (whenever she drops something...or hears something drop on tv...or hears a fart...)
-book (she can say it but doesn't always do so when prompted)
-whewwwww (when i wipe her nose)
-mama (meaning either parent)
-dada (meaning either parent)
-pa (grandpa/papa for either grandfather; only says it AFTER she's been around one of them!)

Says various other sounds and gibberish that is hilarious to listen to!

So, 12 words. Typically, at one year old a child uses TWO words properly. So, we are thrilled! My aunt pointed out that I am very vocal and Daniel reads to Abigail a lot so she may have a jump on this!

Favorite Activities:
-Bathtime while reading her bath books!
-Going for walks and "hugging the outdoors" (she opens her arms wide, closes her eyes, and grins, taking in the outside!)
-Playing Xbox 360 with Daddy (sitting in his lap pressing buttons on a broken controller)
-Climbing on Mommy to wake her up on Saturdays (she makes a directly beeline for me with a HUGE grin!)
-Petting the cats GENTLY (we're working on that)

Basic Routine:
7:20 am - up, changed, dressed, take Mommy to work MWF and playtime T/Th
8:15 am - 930 am - breakfast, bottle, playtime
9:30-10:30 am - walk/park depending on weather
1030-12ish -bottle, nap
12-12:30: lunch
12:30-3: playtime, independent playtime, books, music
3-4 - nap (sometimes she doesn't sleep but plays quietly in her crib...not quite ready for one nap a day yet)
4-6 pm: playtime, pick up Mommy from work, quick errands, etc.6pm - dinner
6:30-8 pm - play, bath (two or three nights a week), books, PJs, last bottle
8 pm - bedtime

That's just basics but gives you more insight into our girl lately!!

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