Monday, March 28, 2011


I've collected a few random photos that I want to post here...I know most of you only look here for the photos anyway!!

Conked out after a long day! We've had beautiful weather in NC lately (til the past few days) and she's spent a bit of time at the park up the street! Notice her snack cup is empty and her brown tutu!!

At McDonald's. Daniel recently discovered that Abigail LOVES the hotcakes (he insists we call the hotcakes if they are from McDonald's!) and would love to take her everyday. We limit it to twice a month or so and I was lucky enough to be in on one of the visits last weekend!

She is pushing my leg out of the way; another assertion of her independence lately!! This is after a walk! She has one more week with her pacifier before it's gone.

Moments of true snuggling are rare now as Abs is always on the go and really only sleeps in her crib now. Got this rare glimpse of a quick lovie with her Dad!

Sitting up like a big girl in her big girl rocking chair! We got it from a church friend and I wanted to paint it but Daniel wont' let me touch it. Anyhow, look how BIG and CONFIDENT she is!!

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