Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Special Gift....

A few months ago I was called (or asked if you go to a different church) to teach one of the 5 year old Sunday School classes at our church. (Remind me to tell you sometime the funny story about how this came to pass to begin with.) I was so ambivalent at first, after all my degree is in high school education and I really don't know anything about the Primary Program in our church. But, I really miss teaching and I figured this was as good a chance as any to become acquainted with the program so I said, "Yes."

Fast forward a couple months and I found my lesson was about the gift of the Holy Ghost. I prepared a bag with a picture of a child receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost inside and clues for the kids to read (I helped them when necessary) in hopes they'd have fun guessing what was in the bag after the clues.

Some of the clues were things like, "This gift is the most precious gift in the world," or "You cannot buy this gift at a store," and even "This gift helps you make the right choices."

The kids read the clues and really seemed into the activity. They couldn't wait to dig into the bag.

I didn't expect that the kids would actually guess "Holy Ghost" but I hoped they'd be on the right track with something like "scriptures" or "Jesus Christ." How I underestimated them!!

One by one each child was allowed to come up and whisper in my ear what they thought the gift was and one by one they each whispered "Holy Ghost." I was so excited! I knew my kids were smart but holy cow, they were blowing my mind.

The final little one stepped up (he's a hugger and gave me a hug first) and yelled: "Shark!"

I love my class so much!!!! They are so smart, so funny, so loving, and always surprised me in a positive way! What a blessing this calling has been.......I've learned so much and have gained so much respect for the entire Primary Program and the parents of each little child in my class!!

**Ana - Logan guessed Holy Ghost! Not that there is a thing wrong with sharks...I'm pretty sure they are fairly expensive and can't be bought in stores either....**

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