Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Recipes

I recently made two meals that Daniel raved about (two in the same week!!) so I thought I'd post the main courses up here for you all to enjoy:

Honey Roasted Chicken
(I made this up after seeing a co-workers delicious looking frozen meal that had honey roasted chicken in it. I'm sure there is a real recipe out there, but here's what I came up with on a whim)

-1/3 Cup Honey
-1/2 tablespoon dry mustard
-1/2 tablespoon salt
-dash of pepper
-splash of water
-3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (I use these for ease, any chicken will do!)

Mix together in bowl until the consistency of syrup (thinner than straight honey); spray baking dish, place chicken in dish, then coat with honey mixture. Cook covered OR uncovered at 350 for about 30-40 mins until your meat is 165 degrees inside (may take more or less time depending on hotness of your oven - ours runs hot)

Chicken Cordon Bleu
-4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts, split in half so they are thinner, and pounded even thinner
-4 pieces of swiss cheese
-lunch ham (amount will depend on thickness of cut)
-stuffing mix

Place a piece of swiss cheese and lunch ham on one side of flattened, split chicken, and roll up. Use toothpick to skewer together. You end up with 4 rolls. Place in sprayed baking dish. Press some stuffing mix onto each roll (some will fall off...this is ok!). Bake at 325-350 uncovered for 20-30 mins until done. By not doing an egg wash to get crumbs to stick you save calories and the stuffin mix is already seasoned, saving you a bit of time there. Daniel told me this was THE BEST MEAL I've ever made for him. His mom's meatloaf will always be number one but number two is not bad! :) I didn't make a sauce or anything to go on top as some do...and it was just as delicious.

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