Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(Almost) Back to Normal

 Abigail had another appointment today where it was determined her UTI is gone! A few more tests on the urine to be 200% sure, but we think she's good. Monday of next week she will have a couple more SERIOUS tests and will be sedated for those, then we will have final answers about possible kidney or bladder damage and/or reflux.

Here are a few pics from the past few days to enjoy:

 Easter Sunday - look how forced our smiles are! NOT because we aren't happy but after three hours of church, where we both teach different classes and also take turns caring for Abigail....we get tired!! :)

Abigail is feeling MUCH better and is riding her rocking horse that she got from her Poppa and Mama C (my father's girlfriend) for her first birthday. It arrived when she was not feelign well and at the start of her UTI - so she's finally now comfortable enough to ride it, so she was having a GREAT time last night!

Abigail LOVES to read and somehow last night got ahold of a book from the tub (not sure how...) and reads it non-stop. She also carries it with her when she crawls or attempts walking.

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