Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Condition of My Hair

As if anyone who reads this is really here for reports on ME! hahahah!

Anyhow, you're reading this so now you're stuck!

After I had Abigail I lost a ton of hair. Normal. Then, I noticed my scalp being super dry and itchy and in the front I even had flakes. And I was devastated. Never had flakes or dandruff in my life. Ever. Suddenly...things weren't looking so great. I may have been the only one to notice, I'm not sure, but it really bothered me!

I'm rarely loyal to a hairdresser, but after the way she saved my hair, I'm sticking to Shelley at North Hills!!

She gave me a new shampoo to use that wasn't as expensive as most salon products ($9) and said I only needed it until my scalp got better. It's made from tea tree oil and honestly, feels wonderful - like spearmint on your scalp!! I know you can buy this kind of shampoo anywhere and it's great! You don't have to use the conditioner as it's the shampoo that helps. So, you can use any conditioner you want.

I was also instructed to only wash my hair every other day, preferably every three days. Well, three days can't happen because I have to look clean at work. So, I go with every other day.

One more thing, no flat irons til I see her again.

And here is my hair already looking better and healthier!! With no flakes!


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