Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Today, we learned of another family whose entire home was destroyed by the tornadoes this past weekend. Like many, all of their property is gone. We'd really like to help them out.

The family of four consists of mother, father, an 18-month old girl and a 6-month old boy. My office is collecting items, new or used, for the family. A representative of the family will come by our office and pick up items on Friday morning and again early next week.

The family's immediate concern is for their children, again an 18 month old girl and 6 month old boy. We are suggesting a size 2T for the girl and 9-12 months for the baby boy unless told otherwise. If the clothes are slightly large, that's better than slightly small! As for diapers, we've asked about the sizes - if you think you'd like to donate those, just get in touch with one of us and we'll give you specifics.

They also need basics like blankets, bottles, toys, books, pacifiers, formula (gift cards for this may be best), etc. If the children can stay entertained and feel safe, things will flow much more smoothly for the family as they begin to recover from the storm.

Mom and Dad need clothing (even if their first concern is for their children)- we will send a follow up with the sizes of clothing they need. Surely any toiletries, clothing, extra blankets that were going to Goodwill, etc. would be appreciated.

Gift cards to any major store like Target, WalMart, etc. for the family are also welcome. These may be helpful in place of diapers and formula or if you are unfamiliar with baby items/clothing.

 The idea that not only adults but so many children are in need right now is absolutely overwhelming. If we can help one family, perhaps they will pass it forward! Any donations of ANY kind are welcome. Please feel free to reply with questions or just drop something with a note saying "Donation" at my house or ship items to my house if you're out of town (will send you my address if you like) or my office (again, will send you the location, on NCSU campus). I will also pick up anything!

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