Wednesday, April 13, 2011


not a creative title - but a brief explanation as to why the blog was dead the past week and a half or so.

This weekend Abs developed a nasty fever so we kept her home from church and assumed it would pass with the help of Tylenol, fluids, and rest. Instead, things got worse. To the point where she (and us) were awake for almost 24 hours straight and she was having massing fits and tantrums...VERY  unusual for Abigail. Unusual to the point that it's never happened. Tuesday we took her to the doctor and after a very traumatic visit for all of use (they had to use two catheters and a bag while we took turns holding her down), we learned this morning that Abigail has a UTI. She starts antibiotics now and hopefully she will drink more fluids than the past few days (otherwise she may need IV fluids). Other than that we know nothing...the doctor will be calling later today with more info and what steps we need to take from here.

Our hearts are broken over the pain Abigail must be feeling lately, but we are so grateful for our loved ones who've brought soup, Ginger Ale, different meds, etc. for her to try to be persuaded to get some fluids. It's been a team effort getting this kid to drink any fluids, but last night she seemed to rally a little and had a few bites of some ice cream and several little cups of liquids. She also slept better. And smiled and played with our visitors.

Our fingers are crossed this was a one time thing and not something that will need procedures to correct for the future. Again, we will know more later today. And will update tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thank you to everyone who has been there, or will be there, or wants to be there for us!! We are so grateful!!

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