Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We started the holiday weekend with new haircuts (just Daniel and myself) and some errands. After a nap for Abigail and cleaning for us, we went to a barbecue our church youth were hosting to earn money for summer activities. Abigail has really become a Daddy's girl, as you can tell from these photos:

We also hit up a local Goodwill just to look around but were disappointed. Nothing but a crowd and total junk!

Sunday, we had to leave church before the service AGAIN because church runs through both of Abigail's naptimes...killing her mood. We're talking screaming crying. And she won't go to sleep -- we have one more plan of attack on this issue before just trading weeks of who gets to it in Sacrament meeting (our church service) each week and who takes the girl home! It shouldn't be an issue much longer as she'll likely soon go on to one afternoon nap a day.

Monday was pool day! Check out these photos (some are blurry!):

There are more of  Snails in her float in the pool but Daniel's phone is on the fritz so we're still trying to download them.

All in all, a wonderful, BUSY, holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who've served to give our family and friends a wonderful country to call home!!

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