Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We've been trying to get to the beach to visit my dad, who I only see a couple times a year. I was hoping we'd leave this evening but since I'm typing this it's clear I didn't. We've been held up by a car repair and a "never-to-appear" part that our mechanic can't (or hasn't) tracked down. At one point today I started crying because we've been carless for two weeks - which means relying on others.

LUCKILY, Daniel's family and my brother have been more than willing (even when it made things hard for them - thanks guys!!) to help me get to work. Daniel has had to stay home with Abigail most days because my mother is too sick to sit (our head cold got to her and like what happened to me, it got down into her chest) for Snails. Yesterday, Uncle Brian watched Abigail and I believe she wore him TOTALLY out!! Thanks Clements and Walter for helping out!! Where would we be without you?!

So, on to the story about NOT being at the beach. When I finally faced facts that at our car wouldn't be ready I was in tears. All I have focused on is seeing my dad...I really miss him and I know he misses us. I knew I HAD to get to the beach. SO, I sucked it up and did what I swore I wouldn't: called a car rental place and rented a car. It's going to kill our budget - most of the extra money sucked up but Daniel agrees it's worth it. And I think his parents may rest easier knowing we are in a SAFE car for the trip!! (love you guys!!).

So, in about 14 hours, as long as nothing else stands in our way, we will be at the beach. The bags are packed, clothes are layed out, and we just have to gather a few toiletries in the morning. Then, it's off to the rental company, to the bank, and ON OUR WAY.

We're almost there....

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