Sunday, June 26, 2011

More About 15 Months

Sweet, Abigail, you're now actually 15 1/2 months is going to fast for Daddy and Mommy!! Lately, we've been saying we'd like to freeze you at this age for another couple of years. Here is what we'd love to share about you:

-You are SO curious! You are always observing the world around you and examining things. You try to put the back of the remote back onto the remote where it belongs. You are always putting pieces of things together, like Easter eggs, just to see what they will look like and do. You love to see what happens if you "touch this" and always ask us, "What's this?!" or "Why?" It cracks us up because we don't always have the answers!

-You push boundaries and really hate the baby gates we recently set up by the stairs (which you're a pro at climbing - we don't know where you learned this because we never let you try before!) and the kitchen. You sit at them and whine and fuss because you want to explore more!

-You love to "cuddle" things by putting you're arms around us, the cats, dolls, REAL DUCKS, etc and putting your head on them and saying "Awwww." It's quite charming to everyone! You share your love freely, with anyone around. You have no stranger anxiety and we hope it stays that way!

- Abigail, you are now a traveler! You've been to Colonial Williamsburg and all over Virginia. You are going to the beach at least two more times this summer. You handle the car rides like a champ, only fussing after being cooped up for more than 5 or 6 hours. We're so proud.

- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still your favorite show but you and Daddy sometimes watch Finneas and Ferb too. Other than that, the TV is on in the room frequently but you pay it no mind. We're sure to keep violence and swearing off the TV when you're around because it makes you fussy and we don't want you to be TOO exposed to those sorts of things.

- As I mentioned TV, you really prefer your books. You get your books off the shelf all the time and find a quiet place to read your book or bring it to us to read. You are such a good little reader! We couldn't be more proud!

- Abigail, you also love cats and the outdoors. You still "hug the outside" when we go for walks and totally soak it all in. You chase the cats, who still don't bite or scratch you. We warn you this will happen one day and you'll probably deserve it, but you still love to cuddle them!

- You LOVE, L-O-V-E, music!!! You dance all the time! In Williamsburg, as the little parade marched through town you just danced and danced! We love to watch your little arms wave and your head bob, right in time with the music!!

- The pediatrician thinks your social skills are very much "above par" for your age. You pick up on social cues VERY well and enjoy socializing! When you start nursery school in the Fall at Granny's church, you'll surely make plenty of friends! We love that your observation skills have led to such great social skills!

- You love your grandparents and cry every time we leave one of them or one leaves our house! It's very sweet how much you care for them and know that they care for you.

- You have a pretty big vocabulary that I can't even remember all of it right now. Words include, "ball, cat, wow, whoa, hi, bye bye, mama, dada (or deedee sometimes), pat, what's this, why..." You're a chatty Cathy!!

- You can climb the stairs all by yourself but we never let you try it...we were shocked you were able to do so on your first try. You walk very well after a couple months of hesitancy...we never worried you weren't "up to par" on walking, instead, knowing your personality, we knew you'd walk when you were confident you could do it without falling!

-Your personality has a strange dichotomy of daring and cautious; a lot of the things we've just described demonstrate these differences. You're like Mommy in this regard. But also like your Daddy, you love your sleep. NO one should wake you from a nap - you still nap twice a day for 2 hours or more for each nap. You get up at 7-730 am and go down at 730-8pm. We know you're ready for a nap or bed because you just sit quietly or rub your eyes a lot!

-You like a lot of foods but have become picky about WHEN you eat. You also like your food blended again lately. We think it may be because of teething. We're happy to blend the food when we can but we will not allow you to ignore a meal then snack on chippies or goldfish later. We'd been a little lenient for you on this but not anymore. Also, you eat better for Daddy than Mommy! Strange little bird!

I could go on and on but will end it for now...Just know that you are SO LOVED and SO WANTED!! We love you so much our sweet Abigail Daisy - we can't imagine our lives without you and don't know what we did before you were born!!

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