Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A bit more detail

I've been meaning to add pictures of our beach trip with my dad. We only got about 25 or so before the camera totally died, but enjoy!

We couldn't keep Abigail away from the water and sand. She (thus, we) spent hours in the ocean, past the breaking waves while she floated in her neat little floatie, ducking her face under water, looking at birds, kicking her feet, etc.

At dinner the first evening Daniel got corn and offered Abs a bite, thinking she'd refuse. Instead, she yanked it from his hand and went to town!!

She woke us up early the first morning pinching our toes under the blanket (she was in her pack n play at the foot of our bed - small room!) and we took her out onto the beach to look at the ocean for a few minutes.

The minutes turned into about an hour of her digging and rolling in the sand.

This was our was just amazing!! We only shared our area of the beach with about 5 other families.

Abigail ran for the ocean she second we got there and  never wanted to leave! Neither did we!

Up and ready to go at like 7 am! She was just so sweet and well-behaved the entire 2 1/2 (3?)  days! By the time we had to leave though, she was truly worn out!

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