Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our house is overrun with ants. Sugar ants. Those teeny tiny black ones that have a million friends.

We've tried ALMOST everything. Including paying for services. Nothing is changing.

I find comfort in all the websites that tell me this isn't happening bc my house is dirty, rather just because of where the ants chose to live (near/under the house) and bc they are seeking shelter, food & water...and they can pick up on any little crumb you can't see. They can also get into crevices, cracks, teeny holes, etc.

This weekend, we declare war. Armed with caulking guns, ant baits, ant repellents, and ant killers...we are taking control.

So, my message to all the little fellas...enjoy the vacation while it lasts. things are about to get a lot uglier around here.

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