Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Philly Cooking Creme: A Review

There's been a lot of ads and coupons for this product recently and Daniel has often commented, "That looks like it'd be good." I wasn't sure it looked "delicious" but I am always up for adding some richness to my meals so...this past weekend I did a massive shopping trip and finally gave in and bought it using a sale and coupon.

The ad sells it as a bit thicker than cream, and with a few different flavors (including plain) to choose from. I opted for the flavor seen above. I used the product to help make a cream sauce to go on top of pasta, chicken, and veggies.

I was VERY disappointed. When I pulled the foil off the top what I saw was cream cheese thinned out with herbs and cream. By thinned out, I mean, not quite a block of cream cheese. Not luxurious like in the commercial where you POUR it into your sauce/meal to make things richer; rather, gloppy and very thick. Only just slightly thinner than normal cream cheese. I stuck my finger in the tub and tasted it - not AS disappointed but not impressed.

Overall, I got the same flavor I'd get if I'd used cream cheese and my own mix of herbs and garlic. Nothing fancy. Not worth the money I'd paid for it. The letdown was also pretty hard...Daniel was pretty excited about the stuff.

I WILL say that it tasted's just not quite the thinner creamy product, there you have it. Enjoy! (Or not!)

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