Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update to previous...

Not 10 mins after I posted about our declaration of war my mother called - the pest control was at our house RIGHT NOW for our "regularly scheduled" visit. I told him (the exterminator) we don't have a regularly scheduled visit.

Apparently, we do. And apparently, I don't read the (not so) fine print when I sign things...because there it was, plain as day telling me we DO have regular appointments, ever other month. CRAP! Now I have to pay them too (on top of everyone else and his brother this coming Friday). DOUBLE CRAP! The ants are only going to get more angry!

In Orlando's (the exterminator's name) defense, we are apparently doing EVERYTHING (more like a couple) things wrong, which is leading to the increase of ants IN our home.


He claims we should see less ants in a couple days.

I'm about to burn the place down if that isn't the case. (not really funny because our old apartments - where we called "home" for five years - just had a huge fire and twelve townhome units were destroyed!)


World news said...
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JamesnMeagan said...

What did the pest guy tell you to do? We have the same issue and nothing is helping!