Monday, August 15, 2011


No one wants Abigail to stay little more than her Daddy. Daniel can't stand the idea of her going to nursery school, playing without us, sitting in a big girl carseat, and definitely hates the idea of a haircut!!

Unfortunately, Abs is starting to look ragged. Just in the front. She won't wear bows or headbands (we've tried every trick and tip there no more needed. We just keep buying clips and then she loses them!) and her "scragglies" (hair in the front) just hangs in her eyes!

Last weekend, I HAD to do a tiny bit of minor trimming. No choice. I reiterated to Daniel this is not a big girl haircut, just a teensy trim of her bangs. I wish she'd wear bows so we could grow them out but since she won't, she'll have bangs for now.

Before the photo...let me mention, I'm no hairdresser. I think her cuteness, however makes up for the hilarious straight across bangs! Also, this isn't the best shot of them. Enjoy!

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