Monday, September 26, 2011

To Remember About My Sweet One....

From Abigail's Nursery School teacher today:

She is doing wonderful in class. We don't expect much from this age but they are all listening well to the instructions I give and want to do what they are suppose to do in lining up for the next out of class activity. She is a joy to have in the class and I love how she will look back at Carolyn and me when we are on our buggy ride and give us the cutest sweet smile  several times. She seems to really like school and we love having her in the class.

Honestly, Daniel and I get the biggest kick out of Abigail's loving yet take-charge demeanor! She is so very sweet and EXTREMELY cheerful and people always tell us this is a testament to how we are raising our which we look at each other in wonder, as we don't think we're doing anything special besides showing her lots of love, reading as many books as she likes, and goofing off with her a lot!

That's not to say she doesn't have her many moment. Take church yesterday for example:
-poured her water all down my arm and back
-threw a decently large board book up a row or so
-was saying "awwww-some" (awesome) at a decent volume during the first prayer
-general "hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm"-ing during the passing of the Sacrament

Gosh, we sure love her!!

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