Thursday, November 10, 2011


Abigail went to her 18 month (she's now 20 months!) visit over a month ago (we were a little behind…my fault) and got two shots - Hep A and the flu shot. She only cried for about 10 seconds before she moved on to playing again. Here are her stats at 19 months old:

Height: 31 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz (20th percentile)
Head: 18 1/2 inches (55th percentile)
Height to Weight Ratio = 50th percentile

On to the juicy stuff, info about Abigail:
Interests: reading her books (alone or with us, either is fine with her), her playschool ball popper (Dan loves the name of this), picking out her clothes – this only happens on days she doesn’t go to nursery school, other kids, Joe & WallE, the outdoors, singing and dancing. The girl is obsessed with coloring lately…she will do that for 20 minutes or so most afternoons

Words: She’s a parrot! Abigail talks up a storm when she feels like it. Often on the way to school she is heard saying “Me! Me!” or “WallE! NOOO! No, WallE!” We wonder what she’s thinking during these spells. She also uses manners saying “Tank Ewww” (Thank you) and sometimes “Peas” (please). She says “Iwuhmommeeee” and “Iwuchdeedee” when prompted. Abs can also say “Awesome”  and “is coo” (it’s cool). She has a pretty wide vocabulary that I’ve mentioned here before, so I’m only listing her newer words. I’m also forgetting some of her newer words. 

Foods: She will eat most anything unless it has touched mayo – she definitely didn’t get that from me!! The issue with eating is more a matter of what she is in the mood for. We don’t cater to her eating whims so she eats what we eat, unless it’s too spicy, too much seasoning, etc. She eats mostly on her own now although if it’s yogurt, soup, or ice cream, we still feed her. I’m not ready for that mess yet. She tries to use the spoon, loves to stab her food with a baby fork, but mostly uses her hands. 

Daily: Now that Abs has school I can describe an average school day. She gets up at 645-7am and plays in her crib until 715. Then she’s up, changed, hair done, teeth brushed (when she lets us…and I don’t have fight in me early in the morning), and eating some sort of breakfast. She gets dropped off at the early drop at 830. I hate doing this but the woman who manages the early drop off is amazing and with Daniel working part time, it’s our only option right now. She loves it.
Abs is in school until 12 then heads home with Daddy to have a small lunch (she’s not a big lunch girl) and down for a nap from 1-4ish. Sometimes longer. Then, playtime with Daddy! I get home at 5:20ish and she “helps” me make dinner (opens and closes cabinets and plays with the plastic items in the kitchen). We eat at about 6ish and then it’s bathtime, playtime and bedtime between 730 and 8pm depending on her napping that day. She goes right down!
On non-school days, she plays around the house a lot more with maybe one small outing….

That’s a brief run-down of our girl. She’s amazing. She makes our lives rich and full. We know how lucky we are to have Abigail in our lives and tears come almost daily when we see her playing and laughing. She’s strengthened our marriage and our bond. We love her SO MUCH!

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