Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful 8 & 9

8) Institute Class: I'm taking an institute class once a week during my lunch hour. It's called "Preparing for Eternal Marriage." I've been married almost 6 1/2 years. I admit, I started the class because you have to take a class every semester in order to park there. This rule is finally being enforced. At first I dragged myself there only for the free parking that's only a block's length from my office.

Now, I love going to class. It takes me back to my single days, going to that building probably 10 times a week...more than once a day in lots of cases. I loved my singles' ward and it's one of the few things I miss from my "single days." I love that at 6 1/2 yrs of marriage, Heavenly Father knew we needed this class in our lives - we were starting to get into a rut and needed that kick, or reminder, to appreciate each other daily. The reminder to consider our spouse in all things. The promptings to continue to put our marriage in an eternal perspective and remember that the center of our marriage should be Heavenly Father and Christ. What a blessing. I practically run (and I never EVER run) to the class each week and love to share what I've learned/been reminded of weekly.

9) Picking up Abigail: Dan started a part time job last week and he is still adjusting his schedule so he can get Abigail from school. In the meantime, I zip over on my lunch, grab her, grab Dan and go back to work (these places are all within 3-10 mins of each other). At first I thought it'd be a pain but I"m loving picking up Abigail!

The other day she saw me come get her at school and shoved another kid out of the way and ran to hug me (we had a talk about shoving and she hugged the girl to say she was sorry!!). It felt so good to have that moment (sans shoving). I've dreamed of it since she was born!

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Sofia L said...

you are a genius! I never thought to get free parking for work by taking a class. If I stilled work there I would totally take that class. That's awesome.