Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Month - 1& 2

I really want to celebrate 30 days of Thanks...but I'm getting a late here are two things I'm thankful for:

1) I'm thankful for a sweet daughter and the opportunity to be her mother. Abigail makes everything I do, every sleepless night, every long day at work, and every month just scraping by totally happy and worth it. Having Abigail allows me to feel a love I never knew I could and to truly feel as if I have just an inkling of understanding of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. What a blessing our Sweet Abigail Daisy is to our lives.

2) I'm thankful for Daniel. He has taught me so much about patience, relaxing, enjoying the moment, and compromising. He was patient with me through my doubts about my faith, never pressing. He is understanding of my need to complete my daily mental checklist and most of the time helps me do those things, knowing it helps me rest easier at night. Daniel loves me unconditionally and takes care of myself and my family. He has sacrificed his schooling to make sure I graduated and that I can work full time. He puts his own needs second to mine and Abigail's. He's a great guy...he can make me smile any time of day or night!

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