Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Happening's

Our new year so far:

1) I had a stomach bug and missed my first two days back to work.

2) Abigail went back to nursery school on Wednesday of this past week. The routine is great for her and us. As she was walking into the building she was waving to everyone saying "Hi!" and "Hello!!" So friendly and happy!

3) I got pink eye in both eyes and am currently rarely allowed to touch my child.

4) Dan has really been picking up the slack at home. None of my projects I wanted to get done are getting done but he's keeping the house picked up like normal...I wouldn't want anyone to do those projects but me anyway.

5) Work is insanely busy. Next week I should put in extra hours. I won't be able to because we are so busy in our personal lives

6) Tying in to Number 5 - a dear woman in my life passed away Thursday. It is a real blow and I can't talk about it or read about it or think about it without really losing it. So I'm doing none of those things until her funeral Tuesday.

7)Abigail is hitting (just me it seems) a lot. We are working on things like taking her hands and saying, "We don't hit. We're gentle." then showing her gentle and saying, "Gentle means I love you!" to which she is gentle, says "Gentle" then slaps me or scratches me and laughs. I'm really irritated by it and a lot of times Daniel has to take her to time out because I just don't know how else to handle it at this point... Advice?!

8)We're enjoying warm weather so far this year (except for a couple days) and hope for snow before March gets here!

9) Dan's birthday is Thursday. Money is tight til the end of the month so we will do a date movie next weekend and he'll of course I'm sure spend time iwth family. I'll be getting him his gift at the end of the month!

That's about it for now......

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