Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost 2!!!

Abigail, you're almost two!! The next few days I'll make posts for you and about you. Here is a survey from a special lady's blog - Katie L.

funny things you do:
You love to tease Mommy by counting 1-2-3 incorrectly. For anyone else and when talking to yourself you count “1-2-3” no problem. For me, you say, “1….2….(huge grin up at Mommy)…FIVE!” It kills me and you laugh so hard!
You love to watch WallE give himself a bath and generally chase the cats. They are fairly tolerant of this…surprisingly.
You love to yell “huggie huggie” and give us a big hug when we are trying to do things to get you ready, things you don’t want to do, etc.
When we leave the house or get home you have to have a clover  from the clover patch outside our door.

the annoying things:
You hate having your teeth brushed and will fight us tooth and nail. As a result…it only happens about every other night.
You say “NO!” to everything. Everything!

your fave foods:
peas, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, grapes, applesauce/banana pouches, “cookie!” (of any variety), hot dogs, green beans

your least faves...
Anything not on the list above although you WILL give things a taste and your least favorites have been known to become favorites at a moments notice! Same for your favorites!

your fave shows...
Sesame Street (for Elmo!), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, SpongeBob (much to Mommy’s dismay and Daddy’s delight)

how you read books...
You either steal them out of our hands after we’ve read a page or two and take them to a quiet chair or corner to read alone or you bring them to us and say, “Read Please!” and we ALWAYS stop what we’re doing to read to you! We love how much you LOVE to read. You get a book in your crib every night and usually fall asleep reading it.

how you dance...
You twirl around, twist your hands, shake your arms and definitely shake your booty!! If we’re in bed and you’re dancing you kick your feet super hard and wiggle!

what you're into...
Cats! Elmo! Counting! Food! Being outdoors! Daddy!

how you laugh...
You have the sweetest giggle and when you’re really cracking up, you throw your head backwards and really really laugh that belly laugh. SO SWEET!

what you can say...
You are saying multiple 2-5 word phrases. Sometimes you really chatter and we don’t know what you’re talking about. You say things like, “I love you! Stop WallE! Put this away. Abby likes peas. Wanna get down…PLEASE” and a lot of other things. You say a swear word Mommy says when she drops things or gets hurt…we’re working on that! Your vocabulary is far over the 25 words that is standard for 2 year olds and we’re very proud of this.

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